“MasterMind Groups“ – The Fundamental Principles of Success and Achievement

MasterMind GroupsWhy are some people successful and others struggle without ever finding the reward they deserve? The key answer is Support. Whatever the field of human endeavour, successful people don’t go it alone. They have support teams, and that means not just staff ministering to their needs. It means, above all, a team of peers and mentors who bring their knowledge and expertise to the table. These teams are called MasterMind Groups.

Let’s cut to the chase:
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How To Succeed With Your New Year’s Resolution

How is your list of New Year’s resolution coming along? Growing? Planning to keep them all at once?

Here is a word from the wise: DON’T! When you’re overambitious, you’re planning to fail. Rather copy the methods of those who were successful:

“People who kept their resolutions tended to have broken their goal into smaller steps and rewarded themselves when they achieved one of these. They also told their friends about their goals, focused on the benefits of success and kept a diary of their progress.

“People who planned a series of smaller goals had an average success rate of 35%, while those who followed all five of the above strategies had a 50% chance of success.”

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Do not use Wikipedia as your primary research tool [RANT]

This is a guest contribution by PCMech

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia that many rely on for information. I do reference this site myself in PCMech articles from time to time. However, I do know full well that Wikipedia oftentimes has mistakes in their articles. In fact it’s commonplace. What I do before linking any Wikipedia article for reference is that I purposely read through the entire article just to make sure what’s said is accurate to the best of my knowledge before linking it.

If you are researching anything that requires you to look up reference material,do not use Wikipedia as your primary source. Whether it’s for work, school, instructional documentation you’re writing or whatever it is, do not trust Wikipedia as 100% factual, because the vast majority of the time it isn’t.
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6 Pointers To Help Your Internet Business Choose The Right Merchant Service

You’re setting up to run an Internet based business and obviously need to find a way to take money online. There are a large number of service providers who will allow Internet based businesses to do that. How do you choose between them?

First, there are your local and national banks that provide Merchant Services to businesses. This is generally a costly solution with set-up fees, recurring charges, and lots of hoops to jump through. For many Internet start-ups, these initial costs can be a bit prohibitive, as they have no idea at that stage what turnover they can realistically expect.

If for whatever reason you are unable to obtain the service you need at a reasonable rate from your bank, it isn’t the end of the world. On the contrary, Paypal, Google Checkout, Nochex, Worldpay are probably the best known alternatives, but there are a host of others. Your favourite search engine will have plenty of answers for you.

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How Long Does Backup Media Last?

Are you backing up? If not, get started. If you do, which media do you use? Optical media (CDs / DVDs)? Hard drives? USB flash memory? Tapes? Do you know how long these media last?

Unfortunately, your data, emails, photos, videos, music … are more fragile than you think. Hard disks last about 5 years. Optical media will do between 5 and 10 years depending on quality. USB flash memory seems to be better than that. Tape is the royal solution, with 30 to 50 year time horizons. But they are majestic, indeed,  when it comes to price. They may be overkill for most of us.

Whichever method you use, get the low-down on this vital question from PCMech (www.pcmech.com) – click here for the full article. It’s a must-read.