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Social Media Marketing for Professional Services Workshop

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Learning how to communicate with clients, past, present and future is a key to being successful in business. However, with an upsurge in online activity it is becoming ever more challenging for companies to stand out from their competitors, whilst the need to so do increases. Many are being left behind as digital savvy firms use online activity to boost their profile.

Social Media is the online version of networking in the real world. While the best way to communicate in the real world is face-to-face, in the online world this is achieved through video.

This two hour introductory workshop will give you an understanding of what you can do to compete in today’s digital world – how to craft successful social media profiles and enhancing them with video – the most powerful online promotion tool bar none.

Communities Online provides services to help develop personal and corporate marketing and online communication strategies using a range of social media platforms.

Big Videos Local makes it easy for professional service providers to harness the most powerful online promotion tool bar none – You in Your Video on Your Website.